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DaVinci Filamentcartridge Flexible White for da Vinci 1.0A/AiO 500g
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Varunr.: ZZC-219540
Producent: DaVinci
EAN: 4715872741413
Vikt: 0,40 kg
På lager: Nej, Inte i lager
XYZprinting RFTPEXEU00B.
Printing material: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Printing colours: White, Brand compatibility: XYZprinting.
Weight: 500 g, Diameter: 1.72 mm.
Quantity per pack: 1 pc(s), Package weight: 1.15 kg, Package type: Box
Flexible Filament
XYZprintings Thermoplastic Elastomer is a specially formulated filament that has elastic properties that provide flexible and durable prints. It is non-toxic and completely waterproof, making this a safe and resilient filament for all of your innovative projects.

The Flexible Filament is conveniently stored within an easy-to-use cartridge and uses a chip that enables you to keep track of how much filament the spool has left .

Our Most Exciting Filament Yet
XYZprintings Flexible Filament has been tested rigorously to ensure that there are no faults, such as distortion or brittleness, when you print.

XYZprintings Flexible Filament adds a whole new dimension to projects, for they compliment ABS and PLA projects well, providing them with the elasticity, durability, and the shock absorbability that they need.